Connect Locally

Gatehouse Media is made up of 121 daily newspapers, and a total of 600 local newspapers and 525 affiliated local websites

Established Relationships with Your Customers

We have built a relationship with customers in your area and are the publications they turn to for local information on news, events and reliable businesses.

Gatehouse’s print and digital products reach 20 million people each week with 37 million unique visitors and 243 million page views each month. We allow you to target a hyper-local audience. And we know that audience’s demographics and behavior so we guide you to advertise where they spend their time and attention.

37 Million

37 unique visitors/month

243 Million

243 million pageviews/month

2+ Million

2+ million Sunday circulation

1.5 Million

Daily circulation


Key Features

  • Established trusted relationship in the community
  • Daily, weekly and monthly targeting available
  • Local market data-driven decision making on assessing competitors and taking advantage of missed opportunities
  • Largest publisher of daily newspapers across the US