Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing agency takes the guesswork out of digital advertising for you and helps you build your business and grow your customer base online.

Visitor inSite

Introducing a new concept to engage with visitors to your web site that don’t engage with you!

if 5000 unique users visit your web site and 20% (or 1000) of them engage through chat, email, phone or text, what happens with the 4000 that don’t engage with you?

That’s where we come in.  With our technology we are able to identify many of the 4000 auto intenders by email addresses, physical street addresses and phone numbers.  Once website visitors are identified you can then reach out to these consumers with our email or postcard campaigns. Or you can simply use that list and contact the consumer any way you would like.


Connected TV

  • Connected TV (CTV), also known as Over The Top (OTT), is display or video inventory found within or near streaming content.
  • Deliver non-skippable video messages to a unique audience committed to the content they are consuming.
  • Allows your business to engage with consumers that you can not target with traditional TV advertisements.


Search Engine Marketing or Pay Per Click Advertising drives the right customers to your business and turns internet searches into revenue. Using make and model specific key word strings we make sure more customers see your inventory.



Place your brand in front of car buyers where they spend most of their time – the web. We’ll help you connect with consumers through their many devices as well as based on their proximity to your dealership when they are searching the web.



Connect with more customers, run on-going promotions to drive car buyers into your dealership and car owners into your service bays through email marketing programs.


Social Media

Facebook Advertising and social campaigns drive traffic to your website and into your dealership. Increase page likes, post engagement and re-target website visitors turning them into car buyers.


Car shoppers are 71% more influenced by digital ads



Amount of time consumers spent researching and shopping for vehicles online



3 of 5 of the top ad formats prompting car research were digital – video 34%, mobile ad 34%, tablet ad 34%


Key Features

  • Custom built campaigns based on your specific objectives
  • Ability to micro-target your audience based on geographics, demographics, behavior and more
  • Re-targeting capabilities based on ad tracking across all of GateHouse Auto’s platforms and the internet.
  • In-house expertise and data-driven management of your campaigns