Intelligent Inventory

Inventory That Works for You

By putting your inventory on BestRide – our computer algorithms can analyze what inventory is selling both on your lot and in your local area to make better decisions on how and where to market it in a more targeted and effective way.

Reverse Publishing Print Advertising
an offering exclusive to those who run their digital marketing through GateHouse Auto and have their inventory enabled on BestRide. A print ad pulling in your vehicle pictures, pricing and descriptions based on your parameters

Intelligent Display
Your specific inventory pulled in to a display ad based on what is selling and customers want in your local area driving qualified clicks to your VDPs.

Intelligent Facebook
Facebook advertising that gets results you can track. Targeting your intentory to specific demos on Facebook in your area driving buyers who are futher down the funnel to your dealer pages and VDPs.

You’ll still also get all the benefits of BestRide – your inventory advertised to one of the largest automotive networks in the US with over 40 million active car buyers and the leads they generate…but the real power of having your inventory on is how that inventory makes your advertising smarter, better targeted, producing higher quality views and
clicks – leading to more sales, faster.

Why Intelligent Inventory through

  • To see which inventory creates more interest and learn from that (are there more photos on those, fewer stock photos; is there something in the description that can be tweaked; is the pricing too high, too low?)
  • Feed your print reverse publishing ads
  • Create more agile online ads including your specific inventory, based on daily market changes
  • Target specific car buyers through social media based on their interests and your inventory